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A Letter To Patients

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Dr. Paul C. McAfee

Patients Making Headlines!

Patient Jim Williams Recently Received Lowell Thomas Award

January 2013 — Jim Williams was recently awarded the Lowell Thomas Award by the Explorers Club. Jim received the award as one of six people who have mastered risk and uncertainty and have managed to bring back and share the valuable lessons gained from field experience a great feat for any lifelong explorer…

Climber’s Comeback

March, 2012 — Jim Williams of Jackson Hole, Wyo., has his own exploration travel company and became the first person to guide the “Seven Summits” — the world’s highest mountains — within one year. After 30 years of “skiing, climbing, and teaching outdoor skills,” he says that his back gave out during a Mt. Everest climb in 2010, requiring him to be helicoptered to medical care…

Full Throttle

June, 2011 — Jeff Connolly was disabled from a herniated disk with pressure on his spinal cord. Dr. Paul McAfee and his team did a PCM disk replacement at C5-6 and now he is head of the Dragster FullThrottle Racing Team…

St. Joseph Surgeon Straightens Crooked Spines

By George P. Matysek Jr., Catholic Review

Sept., 2010: Sarah Markiewicz was sitting on her living room floor a year ago when her father, Jeff Markiewicz, noticed that one of her shoulders seemed to be sticking out. “I had complained for years about her never sitting up straight,”…

“Scoliosis and Spine Center” Headed to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens

The sailing vessel, “Scoliosis and Spine Center” sponsored by Dr. Paul C. McAfee will represent the US women’s sailing team at the 2004 Olympic Games this summer in Athens, Greece…

Loyola Coach Recovers From Spinal Cord Compression

“It’s amazing what a difference just a few more minutes of spinal cord compression makes in terms of a higher risk that the patient will not recover,” says Dr. McAfee. He adds that it was very fortunate that the patient did not slip back into quadraparesis, which could have led to a permanent paralysis. The high dose steroids given at St. Joseph’s emergency department eased the compression on the spine and helped prevent this from occurring. Mike Zito is expected to make a full recovery and has regained nerve root function, adds Dr. McAfee…

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