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April 2015

Dearest Dr. McAfee,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your awesome team for the wonderful care I received during my recent surgery. From start date to current date, I must say that you are a wonderful team of professionals!

I never shared this with you but I have been a massage therapist for 20 yrs and 11 of those years have been at my current place of employment, Wellspan Health-York Hospital. Because of my years of experience, I was asked to be part of our "Spine Team." I have been an active member of this team for 5 yrs. So naturally, I "signed up" for surgery with them. That was to be completed on March 31st with a "traditional" fusion at C5-6. Knowing in my heart and training that these "fusions" lead to more fusions, I kept asking for peace within myself to have the surgery because physically, I knew I could not continue this way.

As with all things, when asked for from a place of purity, my peace was given to me in the form of you, and St. Joe's! As soon as I met you and you took the time to ensure I knew what , why, where and when, I knew I was in good hands and ready to "jump ship" from Wellspan's techniques. I felt so calm and peaceful going into surgery because you took the time to make sure there were no t's uncrossed and no i's left undotted. I even have a documented history of anxiety! (That is why I meditate). This is a tough thing to accomplish in current health care, I feel.

I can't thank you all enough for being my "knights in shining armour" - for always taking the extra time even when you already know you're behind schedule and for your pure brilliant mind in creating (and sticking with that endeavor) the coalition! My body, my husband and my future thanks you! Many blessings to all of  you!

Truly & Sincerely,

Beth A.S.
April 1st - C5-6-7 proud patient!


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