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September, 2013


Just touching base with you after almost four years since my C6-C7 surgery on October 2009. I just referred my pastor's wife to Dr. McAfee and decided to look at your web site again. Thanks again for the help that you all afforded me. I can work out to the max on 15 machines at the gym, water ski, snow ski, ride ATV, do construction/carpentry, and so on. Before my surgery, I was told by a physical therapist and pain medicine provider that I would have to give up those things forever. God had different plans for me and helped me find your organization and Dr. McAfee. For some reason, it still bothers me to run on the road as I used to do all year round, but I like being outdoors, so I've switched to bike riding when weather is good and the elliptical trainers when it is not.

Thanks again,
Armin R.
Annville, PA


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